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Langston Amadi


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, I create as a Creative Director and DJ. Exploring my passion for art, I began my career by creating portraits of the world’s most esteemed musicians. Most notably, I led the art direction for EP campaign with musician, RIMON’s, latest release, leading to 10 million streams in 3 months. My work with Viola Davis also took the internet by storm after going viral in 2019 (1 2) . Ever since, my work has been featured in various publications, such as Notion, Blavity, and Hypebeast magazine. Among my services I offer Creative Direction, DJing & Licensing. I aim to make every work of art resonate with positive energy, honing my eye for design and color. As an artist dedicated to helping people have the greatest musical experiences, I plan to begin touring and performing my mixes in vistas around the world.



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